Opening June 2022 Balbinny Dog Walking Park is a secure dog exercising field of @ 2 1/2 acres with great views accross the Cairngorms.

  1. Make a booking online
  2. Arrive at the given time
  3. Only enter the enclosure if it is empty, if not wait in your car
  4. Drive into the enclosure, shutting gates behind you
  5. Let your dog out the car
  6. Make sure the occupied sign is showing
  7. Enjoy a relaxing walk with your dog, unrestrained by a lead!
  8. Dog back in the car, turn the sign around and shut the gates on your way out.


  1. Get planning permission 
  2. Plough field and sow grass 
  3.   Fence field to height of 6 foot.
  4.   Create car park.
  5.  Launch live booking & open for customers.